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Ever felt, "I hardly eat, yet the weight doesn’t budge?"

You're not alone. It's not always about eating less—it's about eating right.

Many of us deprive our bodies of the crucial nutrients required to function at its best. This deprivation can inhibit our innate ability to sustain a healthy weight.

I know the struggle.

Once weighing in at 592 pounds, I was trapped in a relentless cycle of overeating and undereating, which drove me to a perilous state. The pain was unbearable, pushing me to the point where I yearned for an escape from the torment of my relationship with food.

But through adversity, I uncovered the magic of balanced nutrition, the benefits of intermittent fasting, the rejuvenation of detoxing, and the art of nurturing my body. My reward? A transformative loss of 468 pounds—naturally, and more importantly, sustainably.

Whether your goal is to shed 10 pounds or embark on a more significant journey, the 3-2-1 Daily Guided Meal Plan, complete with steadfast accountability check-ins, is your roadmap to triumph. Together, we'll revolutionize your bond with food, much like I reinvented mine.

Click below and set forth on your transformation journey. Your future self will thank you!


3-2-1 Daily Harmonized Meal Plans with Guided Intermittent Fasting &

Unwavering Accountability

  • Nourish with Purpose: Enjoy organic, non-GMO, gluten-free meal replacements and detoxifying nutritional cleansing products. (Proud note: I used this superfood system to naturally shed an incredible 468 pounds and have sustained my success for 8 years.) Vegan alternatives available.

  • Endless Culinary Inspiration: Gain access to a curated collection of over 80 daily meal inspirations, complete with grocery lists.

  • Boost & Satisfy: Dive into pre-planned high-protein snack ideas, mouth-watering baked goods, and delectable protein shake recipes.

  • Diverse Palate Pleasers: Regular, dairy-free, and vegetarian meal options cater to various dietary preferences.

  • Always-On Support & Commitment: Join our exclusive Facebook community for 24/7 access to advice, motivation, and shared stories.

  • Holistic Wellness Resources: Master the art of portion control, dining out, and even the nuances of mindful chewing with our comprehensive guides.

  • Bonus Masterclass: Every week, immerse yourself in our live cooking sessions - "Cook with Coach" - and discover culinary secrets to keep your journey flavorful.


Anastasia F.- Customer Highlight

Current Client - TX

Coach has been such a tremendous part of my weight loss journey and as my coach. Coach and I have been in each other's lives for over 4 years and since that time I have released over 130 lbs and I have kept off over 130 lbs. I want to go further about 125 lbs more I want to release with her HELP. I want to let everyone know you are making the best decision in your life to connect with Kenya and be to apart of her coaching program. She is amazing she has changed my life! I can honestly say she has even spoken into my husband's life.

Yvonne G.

Graduated Client - MI

" I saw Coach Kenya on T.V. and decided to call the number, I figured if she could lose 400 plus lbs. naturally and keep it off, she could show me. I'm so glad I said yes, I released 50 lbs in 2 1/2 following her program with weekly nutritional cleansing, It's the best!! I got my energy back and I even have more patience with my kids. This program really changes your life, you'll never look at food or eating the same again.

Brooke B.

Graduated Client- Michigan

I never thought I'd be able to lose weight and keep it off, but Coach Kenya has been there every step of the way. She has a no nonsense approach to weight-loss and she's unlike any other coach out there. Her weight- loss program is the real deal. I am a busy Mom and her program is the most comprehensive, thorough and effective I have ever seen. I highly recommend program and nutrition system to everyone!

Arror M.

Current Client - Virgina

I was tired of being tired. I have tried other personal trainers and diet programs, but Kenya is different. She made me feel comfortable as soon as we met. Her program is personal and she takes the time to get to know you. She is a natural leader who holds you accountable for your actions, thoughts and choices. She motivates you on a daily basis, even when you do not want to be motivated. You will not be disappointed! Oh yeah and the weight it begins to melt away! If your tired of looking for a solution to your weight issues, stop here Coach knows here stuff.

E. V.

Graduated Client- Az

I have lost 30 pounds and now I feel great. I still have a little to go but I feel good about it. I am excited to get there. There is nothing better than results!

It's as Easy as 3-2-1...

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I'm so excited for you to experience the food freedom we have all discovered following this simple easy meal plan.

We eat to Live, NOT FEEL!


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