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All-in-one Weight-Loss Program

with Internationally known Weight-loss Coach Kenya Elliott

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FINALLY Lose Weight & Feel Great with Daily Personal Accountability Coaching, Daily Guided Meal Plans, Daily Meditation and Daily Work Outs all in the Palm of your Hands for less than $10 a Day.

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What's Included for Only $349

  • Daily Accountability Zoom Sessions M-F with Coach Kenya

  • Daily 3-2-1 Balanced Meal Plans & Intermittent Fasting Coaching

  • Weekly Detox & Nutritional Cleansing: "Not a poppie Cleanse"

  • Access to Over 60 Meal Ideas, Snack Ideas & Recipes

  • Daily Affirmations and Meditation

  • Daily Easy to do Workouts & Exercise Program

  • 24/7 Support & Accountability: Access to 5 week Transformation Private Facebook Coaching Community

  • Results Guaranteed

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3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan & Accountability Program via Mobile app

Ditch the restrictive diets, calorie counting and deprivation that leaves you unsatisfied, restless and shuts down your body's ability to burn fat. The 3-2-1 Daily Meal Plan is a new a way at looking at food and nutrition and is designed to help you eat better and change the way you think about food . This proven daily meal plan incorporates protein shakes, snacks, meals and recipes to help you achieve your daily nutritional goals and shed weight.


Daily Meditation & Affirmations Program via Mobile app

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools in self-empowerment. It allows you to silence the chatter, to access your higher self and gain clarity. Lose weight, feel great, and create a healthy lifestyle that works best for you. With our daily step by step weight loss meditation program we will help you create an emotional balance to better deal with stress, manage cravings and increase energy levels so that you can achieve your goals easier than ever before.


Daily Exercise & Movement Program via Mobile app

Identify your goals and start your daily movement now. Our professionally designed, easy to do exercises and workout routines are simple to follow and will build lean muscle, strengthen and tone your body while shedding the unwanted weight! Get daily support, reminders to complete your recommended workouts, motivation badges, progress tracking features, and more via mobile app!


Private Facebook Coaching Community

+ 24/7 Support & Accountability

Are you ready to accomplish your goals with a supportive community? Kick-start your weight loss and wellness goals with confidence. Don't do it alone, because if self-will was all we needed, we would have already met our goals! Join our Private Facebook Community with 24/7 support & accountability.

Meet Your Coach

Coach Kenya

Professional Counselor, Behaviorist, Best Selling Author, Weight-loss Guru, Inspirational Speaker, Influencer and Fashionista

Are you ready to take control of your life and make lasting changes? If so, then it's time to meet Coach Kenya. I've been assisting my clients in overcoming barriers to their weight-loss, wellbeing and general lifestyle since 2016. I believe that it's far too short a life to be unhappy, uncertain or unsatisfied - because if you are, how can you give from the heart? I'm here to assist you in identifying and removing the hurdles that are holding you back so that you can live your best life ever!

I can't wait to work with you!

- Coach Kenya



Shayla A. | GA

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya is personable and professional. By working with her I’ve had emotional and behavioral breakthroughs in areas I was stuck in for years. "I've hired multiple coaches in the past but Her program is truly unique and very much needed” She helps you explore not just your eating but everything that leads up to eating. It's a beautiful process of discovery while shedding the pounds". Highly recommend. .


Brigette C. | OK

Graduated Client

"When you are looking to deal with the mental part of your struggle with food, Coach Kenya is the one. She has been where we are and totally gets it. She brings things to light that you didn't know existed, challenges you and is your biggest cheerleader. Grateful I found her."


Florence M. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I am 84 years young and this women knows her stuff". I love the products and coaching program together, they really work.! The changes and results are jaw dropping. I've dropped 35 plus pounds and kept if off for over 1 year. It’s easy, convenient and simple. You can't beat nutrition that works and gives the results. you want!"


Yvette H. | AZ

Graduated Client

“I love Coach Kenya, the products and her coaching program! Over 16 pounds released in less than a week, you can beat that She truly understands weight-loss and how to get  and maintain results on a deeper, level. You will have increased energy, sleep better and get your life back! "It’s worth every penny"


Amy S. | AZ

Graduated Client

“ I’ve been working with coach for many years as I result I’ve shed over 250 lbs. with her support and guidance. Her techniques and lifestyle changes truly work, I can reach down and tie my own shoes, "Changing your mind really matters".


Sylvia P. | NJ

Graduated Client

“Coach Kenya knows her stuff, she is a weight-loss genius and understands the barriers to weight loss, obesity and emotional eating. No one else discusses or digs into the thinking patterns and behaviors that she can personally relate to. No other program or products can be so

easily navigated  and applied during all stages of life. She truly understands the process of behavioral weight-loss and


4 Weeks of Intensive Coaching, Nutrition , Accountability, and Support to reach your weight-loss goals, Plus Get an Additional Week Free on Coach

We utilize a secure checkout process and accept all major credit cards.

We also offer installment plans: SHED NOW & PAY LATER